Live Song Archive #3: “Beach Song”

“Beach Song”, recorded in 1989, is one of the earliest Slowdive songs. To this day it has only been officially released once, on a 7″ flexi-disc released by Sunday records in 1992. While it was a part of their live shows in 1990, it disappeared from their setlists beginning in 1991, never to return. Below you can listen to a rare recording of the song performed at the Town & Country Club in London on 21 November 1990.

Slowdive Live in Oslo, 18 October 1993, Official J-Card

Slowdive sold an official live tape on their 1994 tour of America in order to fund said tour. The tape was a recording of their concert on 18 October 1993 at the Sentrum in Olso, Norway. Below you can view the original J-card for the cassette. Thanks to Edoardo for contributing this to the site.

Official Lyric Sheets for the Early EPs and Just For a Day

Below are some official lyric sheets sent out from the band to members of their fan club in 1994 (Note Ian McCutcheon is listed as the drummer on the back page, instead of Simon Scott). They contain the lyrics for the Slowdive EP, Morningrise EP, Holding Our Breath EP, and Just For a Day LP. Thanks to Edoardo for contributing these scans to the site.

Front Page

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“Changes (early version)” demo clip

The Pygmalion demos were officially released in 2010 by Cherry Red Records on the second disc of the two-disc reissue of Pygmalion. However, not all of the demos were released. Below you can listen to a clip from an early version of the song “Changes” (thanks to Robert for providing me with a copy of this song). While this version did not appear on the official release, a later recording of the song was included. I do not know exactly where or when this “early version” was recorded, but it is an exceptional version of an exceptional song that has sadly not seen a proper recording and release. The clip below consists of the first 2:26 of the song.


Now compare the later version of this song which appears on the 2010 reissue of Pygmalion:

Slowdive – Changes – Pygmalion Demos

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Live Song Archives #1 and #2 : “5 EP” live tracks from 1993

Note: This is the first in a series of archives that highlight the best extant recordings and performances of each Slowdive song that was played live.

Slowdive performed two tracks from the “5 EP” on 10 December 1993 at The Garage in London, and thankfully someone in the audience recorded it. Locust (Mark Van Hoen) opened for them that day. The quality of this recording is not particularly good (it was recorded on an analog cassette recorder with a relatively cheap microphone), but its historical value is highly significant, as there are no other known live recordings of these songs. It should be mentioned, however, that they also performed the songs during live shows in November 1993 (the EP was released on 22 November 1993), such as their 22 November 1993 gig at the University of Birmingham. Below you can listen to full versions of both songs. Interestingly enough, while the EP version of “Good Day Sunshine” is instrumental, the live version has vocals from both Neil and Rachel.

“Good Day Sunshine”


“In Mind”