This website was created due to the lack of documentation about Slowdive on the internet (a notable exception is the excellent slowdivedatabase), particularly in the areas of interviews, newsletters, demos, and the extant tapes of their live shows. I have several boxes full of cassette tapes, DAT tapes, VHS tapes and CDrs that contain interviews, recordings of live shows and other things, along with a good deal of printed material. One day in 2011 it dawned upon me that it would be a good idea to collect everything I have into a sort of Slowdive Digital Museum in order to preserve this stuff for posterity and share it with Slowdive fans around the world. I chose the title “Souvlaki Space Station”, and the accompanying url, because it is one of the better known Slowdive songs and I felt it to be an apt title for such a digital museum.

Update Frequency

I post updates sporadically, which is essentially whenever I find the time to prepare a particular material for the site and post it. I pay for this site out of my own pocket and I run it entirely in my free time (and entirely pro bono), so please do not expect me to produce material at a feverish pace. Like many people, I have a career and a family that take up most of my time. In addition, I am still in the process of retrieving my materials that are packed away in storage (over 13000 kms away) and it may take quite a few years to uncover and archive them all on this site.

Comment System

There is no comment system here, as it would diminish the intended museum feel of the site.

Transcription Methodology

When transcribing materials or reproducing textual materials, I keep them completely intact – all typos are retained, but noted as such in my transcriptions (i.e. [sic]). Other necessary contextual notes or substitutions are added in brackets.

Advertisement Policy

As in a real museum, there are no advertisements for things like cola or computer software bombarding you at every new turn. This site will remain completely ad free, ad infinitum.

Content sharing

You are welcome to freely share any content published on this site (for example, on your personal website), but, when doing so, I would ask that you be decent and courteous enough to provide a link to the original source material on this site.


If you would like to contact me with something in regard to this site (information or media related to Slowdive, for example), you can email me at [john] at [souvlakispacestation.com], without the brackets, of course. Your contributions will be both noted and appreciated.

I hope you enjoy your visit here!