Official Slowdive Newsletter #1, page 1, 1994

This is a transcript of the first page of Slowdive’s official newsletter of 1994, sent out to those on their mailing list.


“Welcome to our first proper newsletter in nearly a year! I know I’m really slack at this but I’m doing my best honestly. Well this year has been really busy for us yet again, and we’re at the point now where we’re having a few months break. I hope you find the following pages a mine of information, and I’ve even managed to put in some of our lyrics!”

america = [peace sign icon]

“We’ve had considerable problems with our american label this year. It’s all been record company wars between Creation & SBK. To briefly explain our situation: Creation signed a distribution deal with SBK a couple of years back which allows them first refusal over Creation bands in the states. We were the first band to go into SBK and have really been the guinea pigs! “Just for a Day” came out three months later than the British release, and by all accounts did rather well. By the time we finished “Souvlaki”, relations between the two companies had turned rather sour, and this was proved by the fact that SBK didn’t advertise the release of “Souvlaki”, and generally made life very difficult for us! It was released eight months after the British release,  a tour was set up and initially they were 100% behind it, then three weeks before we were supposed  to go over, they cancelled the whole lot saying that they didn’t want to give us the money we needed. They even spread rumors to the people that had bought tickets for the shows that we didn’t want to go over and tour! This really pissed us off. As an act of revenge (and also to try and get chucked off the label), we did alot [sic] of interviews just basically really slagging them and setting the record straight! We ended up financing our own tour which was eight shows (as apposed [sic] to the twenty six originally booked). We had a really excellent time, and met alot [sic] of lovely people! Stayed on alot [sic] of floors too, and to everyone that helped us out we are eternally grateful! If you want to read about our exploits on that tour, I wrote a tour diary for an american fanzine called “Plume”, all you have to do is send six IRC’s (that’s international reply coupons), they’re available from the post office at 41pence each. If you live stateside then send $6. Here’s who to write: [Personal address info removed from transcript]. While I’m on the subject of fanzines, the first official SLOWDIVE ‘zine is available now! This is called “Holding Our Breath”, and strangely enough also originates from America! To get this send four IRC’s/ $2 to: [Personal address info removed from transcript].”


“After America we did a couple of festivals in Europe. These were in Amsterdam and Mons (Belgium). These were both indoors, and Blur were the main band. We were out for around five days. Both gigs were pretty mental. In Mons there were a number of English bands playing, Miranda Sex Gardens’ drummer was beaten up the night before and hospitalized by a friendly bouncer in a local club. This was due to him having long hair, and the bouncer not liking that. This news did disturb us somewhat, and made us wonder what we’d let ourselves in for! Still, we didn’t personally have any mishaps. Blurs [sic] set took an interesting turn when Damon did his usual ‘climbing up the pa stack’, and fell off, only to bring the speakers with him and consequently breaking one of the security guards [sic] foot! He was briefly hospitalized too! Silly behaviour! Said guard came back to the show after he’d been bandaged up and peace was made (eventually), so it wasn’t all bad. Amsterdam was predictably good fun, spent a day off there enjoying coffe [sic] shops…….”