Official (?) Slowdive newsletter from early 1993, handwritten by Rachel Goswell

This is a one page newsletter on slowdive paper (slowdive is written vertically on the side). The handwriting is Rachel Goswell’s (thanks to Christian Savill for this info). The letter is signed by Nick, Neil, Rachel, Christian, and Simon (in that linear order). A scan of the newsletter can be viewed here. I provide a brief commentary after the transcription below.

“Not much to report since the last newsletter, just more recording for the album, which at last looks like it’ll definitely be released in May, with hopefully an E.P. sometime in late April. I won’t bore you with writing about exactly what we’ve been doing in the studio, as it’s pretty tedious – suffice to say that the album’s tracklisting will be taken from sessions at the White House in Weston-super-Mare (where we recorded the ‘Slowdive’ E.P.), Protocol Studios in London (including the two tracks with Brian Eno), and most recently, Courtyard Studios in Abingdon, which is where all our other songs have been recorded up until now.

The work with Brian Eno has encouraged us to experiment a bit more with different kinds of sounds, and this is evident in some of the tracks — but we’ve tried to keep the record sounding like Slowdive, rather than some nightmarish prog-rock space opera — after all, if there’s no tune….

I’d give you some song titles if I could, but in true Slowdive fashion, nothing has a name yet other than a few working titles like ‘Souvlaki Space Station’, ‘Gang Bang’, ‘Wid him Coconut’ [note: I am unsure of the first word in this title], and ‘Ball Bag’ — no doubt they’ll have suitably ethereal titles before the record’s released — shame really…

Well, thanks for reading this — we’ll be touring the UK to coincide with the E.P. and album (late April onwards), with Europe and America to follow, so we all hope to see you soon!”

Nick Neil Rachel Christian Simon

The title ‘Souvlaki Space Station’ seems to be the only working title to have stuck until the end. ‘Ball Bag’ has a title similar to the song ‘Sweaty Scrotum’, which was never released. More info on this song will be provided in a later post.