Live Song Archive #4: “Morningrise”

Morningrise is a song Slowdive played live at nearly every gig, so there are roughly 90 extant live versions to compare today. Arguably the best performance  of this song was recorded at the Loft, Berlin on 8 December 1991, which you can listen to below. The lone man in the back yelling a feeble “yay!” after the song title is announced is particularly charming, and highlights the fact that this performance occurred before the band gained significant popularity outside of the UK.

Another excellent performance of this song was done on 21 October 1993, at the Logo in Hamburg. Notice how they played this song at a slightly faster tempo in 1993, compared to 1991. Rachel introduces the song as Dolly Rocker here, for reasons unknown.

Lastly, we have a rare version of this song with Rachel on lead vocals, due to Neil’s microphone not working, recorded on 15 October 1993 at Loppen in Copenhagen.

Rachel prefaces the song by saying “this is gonna be a bit different”. [NOTE: unfortunately my copy of this song, obtained over 10 years ago, has quite a bit of diginoise (that garbly robotic-like noise common on old/well-worn DAT tapes), but it should be noted that this was on the tape when I first got it, and not due to a recent degradation]

*This entry will expand with more live versions of this song in the near future.*