Tape Archive #6: Live at Caesar’s Palace in Aberdeen on 17 February 1991

The below recording is interesting, and of historical importance, for a few reasons. First, as far as I know it is the earliest extant live recording from 1991 (correction (18-June-2014): second earliest). Second, it highlights the great difference between their early 1991 shows and their later shows in 1992 and beyond. Namely, songs such as Catch the Breeze, Morningrise and Slowdive are played at a much slower tempo than in later years.

This show is further notable for excellent performances of Shine (a song that soon disappeared from their setlists, sadly never to return) and the superb unreleased song Colours In Spin (ditto). It is also very cool to hear Rachel introduce Morningrise as their “new single”. Indeed it was, as the single was officially released the very next day, on 18 February 1991.