Tape Archive #7: Live at Cabaret Metro in Chicago on 21 August 1993

Soundboard recordings are ideal for high fidelity captures of live performances, but there is a sterility to them that lacks the human touch of many audience recordings. Some of the most enjoyable live recordings to listen to are not those with the best sound quality but rather the ones that thrust you into the audience and make you feel like you are part of the show. The recording below is a fine example of this.

If there was ever a doubt that Slowdive had a passionate fanbase in the early-mid 90s, the below recording should put that to rest. The repetitious, increasingly ardent screams for Avalyn after the first song (lasting from 5:10 to 5:40) are especially incredible to behold. Perhaps this recording happened to capture the world’s #1 Avalyn fan? Other than some very entertaining and lively crowd chatter, this recording is also notable in that it contains a superb set from the band including great performances of Souvlaki Space Station (fantastic drumming by Simon Scott) and Alison. There is also a crowd-request for Golden Hair (at 29:19) that seems to surprise Rachel.

This is a digital transfer of the cassette master tape.