Tape Archive #9: Live at The Loft in Berlin on 22 October 1993

Slowdive’s October 1993 shows, in support of the Cranes, all had the same eight-song setlist that curiously lacked their popular Souvlaki songs Alison and 40 days, as well as any material exclusive to Just For A Day. Interestingly, in some of these shows there were some very cool delay effects added to the drums in the songs Souvlaki Space Station and/or Melon Yellow. The below recording, which was made with OKM-IIR binaural microphones on a Sony TCD-D3 DAT walkman (@32khz/12bit), is an excellent example of this. It is also perhaps their best performance of Souvlaki Space Station on record (which begins at the 4:50 mark), only marred by the slight, intermittent diginoise present throughout the tape. (I acquired this tape nearly 15 years ago and the diginoise was on it back then. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a “clean” copy, and I am unsure if one even exists today.) This recording also really highlights Nick Chaplin’s strong basslines with a clarity and prominence not found on most other recordings.

Be sure to listen to the very end, where you will hear a minute or so during which Rachel’s voice is sampled and played with a bit. This was a common end to their October 1993 shows.

This is a digital transfer from a DAT clone of the DAT master.