“Facto” Demo

The Pygmalion demos were recorded in March 1994, just before the band’s final, pre-reunion, tour dates in Europe and the USA, which took place in April and May of that year. Twelve of these demos were released on a bonus disc for the 2010 reissue of Pygmalion on Cherry Red Records. Unfortunately the song Facto was not included. Below you can listen to this song in full. I have long wondered if this song was an early version of Rutti, at least lyrically, as they share the same themes of “water” and “light”. For example, Neil sings “it’s the water line” during the chorus in this song (and “in the water line” in the initial verse), which is similar to his Rutti lyric “in the water”. Additionally, Neil sings “in the Northern light” in the initial verse of this song: compare with “there’s still a light outside” in Rutti.

Hopefully this song will be included in a future reissue of Pygmalion, or some other official release.