Tape Archive #13: Live at Café Q in Gävle on 9 February 1992

Not many bands play in Gävle, Sweden. Slowdive have yet to return since their one and only visit on 9 February 1992, but at least we have a recording of their performance that day. This recording is special because it captures a very vocal female fan expressing her adoration before many songs (her favourites appear to be Spanish Air and Catch The Breeze). Most Slowdive recordings capture the screams of male fans (many trying to get the attention of Rachel), but this recording shows there were also some hardcore female fans in the early days of the band, even if they might have been hidden away in places such as Gävle.

The recording quality is rather poor, and there are various parts marred by tape speed fluctuations, but they performed a great setlist (including the unreleased gem Silver Screen), and ended the show in a very cool noisy jam.