Official Slowdive Newsletter #1, page 4, 1994

This is a transcript of page 4 of Slowdive’s newsletter from 1994. This is a continuation of the newsletter transcript in this post. Pages 2 and 3 have lyrics from the album  “Souvlaki” which I won’t bother transcribing here.

This page of the newsletter is of particular historical interest because it is the first tracklisting of the “Pygmalion” LP, and it has a different title for “Blue Skied an’ Clear”, which is listed as “Craniun”. This is probably a typo for “Cranium”, but it appears on page 3 as well. Also mentioned is a planned British “Pygmalion” tour in February 1995 that was later cancelled, a cover of a Galaxie 500 song that was never released, and some background info on the “I am the Elephant…” soundtrack.


“In May, we went over to Canada courtesy of a nice promoter who paid for our flights & accomodation [sic]! We opened for James in Toronto. It was at the Ontario Place, which was like this sort of amusement park. The venue was outdoors, around 3,000 people were there when we went on, the stage was circular and it actually revolved as we played! This was one of those bizarre experiences that I’ll never forget! Christian said it made him feel sick! The following night we did our own headline show at a small club called Lee’s Palace. A sold out show (around 600 people). This was excellent fun, Chrisitian took it upon himself to stage dive at the end of the set. There’s a first time for everything! We stayed on for a few days holiday, and on the last night we saw The Beastie Boys! I love ’em!”


“As some of you will be aware, Simon left the band at the end of last year. This was amicable, we’d been expecting it for quite a while, Simon just wanted to move on and “better himself as a drummer”. He’s now drumming in a band called Mojo Pin, I know very little about them apart from they’re based in the London area!

We auditioned a few prospective replacements and settled on one Ian McCutcheon. He’s the same age as us (23) and likes all things mod! He’s a big Ride fan and practices his drumming techniques ala [sic] Loz. He’s toured with us in the States and Canada, and made a fine debut (so we kept being told!). Some people say he bares a passing resemblance to Ian Brown……..

new releases

“We have finally finished our third album, which is yet to be given a name! The release date is January 30th 1995. Here is the tracklisting: “Ruti”, “Crazy for you”, “Miranda”, “Trellisaze”, “Cello”, “J’s Heaven”, “Visions of La”, “Craniun”, and “All of Us”. We will be doing a British tour probably starting the third week of February. I’m not sure as yet how extensive this tour will be. After this we hope to go over to Europe. I think we’ll probably send out postcards with the dates on to you all anyway!

We are planning on doing a cover of ‘4th of July’ (Galaxie 500), for a tribute cd being released by Elefant Records in Spain. I’m not sure at this point in time when this is due to be released!”


[Note: original margins are preserved for the following two sections. In the original they are set side by side on the bottom of the page]

“”I am the Elephant & U are the Mouse” 
by Forest Wise:  “This film is about Love, Art, Addic-
tion, & the search for the right colour Red… a love story
set to the times, shot in L.A. & Mexico City. Neil grooved
to the vibe,..we met in London, scored the film & the rest
is history. The ecclectic [sic] musical arrangements were scored
to fit the films’ [sic] euphoric dreamlike sensation.. a little
different to what Slowdive normally create…but brilliant
at that!” Forest wanted me to say he’s a wack ass genius,
who’s as humble as the [sic] come. Forest & Neil are planning
on collaborating on a new project, from conception to
completion, which I’m told we will score the music for.
Thats [sic] about it really, the film was premiered in New York
in September at a film festival. Neil went to this. I gather
the film still needs some finishing touches before being
properly unleashed… ”


“”The Doom Generation”
We are contributing some songs to a new film, directed
by Gregg Akari [sic, should be Araki] – he has directed a couple of films pre-
viously – “Totally Fucked Up” and “The Living End”.
Greg [sic] Akari [sic] is an underground independent film direc-
tor. “The Doom Generation” is his first major motion
picture. This low budget film is an edgy road flick which
reminds me of a dark cross between “Thelma & Louise”,
“Repo Man”, and “Wild at Heart”, with some elements
of “The Crow” and “Natural Born Killers”. I guess this’ll
be ready for release in around a years [sic] time. A sound-
track album will be released by American Records (Rick
Rubins [sic] label). So keep your eyes peeled!”