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Video Archive #1: Poetic Frenzy

This Poetic Frenzy promo video was made for SBK records in 1991 to promote Slowdive in the USA. It consists of interview segments with Neil, Simon and Nick over a backdrop of two music videos: Shine and Catch the Breeze. (Strangely enough, Shine was never released in the USA by SBK.) Simon’s foretelling of how […]

Tape Archive #19: Private interview with Rachel, Nick and Christian on 8 April 1994

This interview was taped at Club Babyhead in Providence, Rhode Island, before Slowdive played their set that night. The interview is approximately 25 minutes long and topics covered include Christian’s pre-Slowdive band Eternal, the suicide of Kurt Cobain (who was found dead earlier that day), their current favourite bands, their songwriting process, tour stories, and […]

Tape Archive #14: Interview with Neil on Radio 1 on 3 September 1991

This backstage interview was conducted shortly before Slowdive’s set at the Marquee Club on the same date. Lasting just four minutes, it focuses on Neil’s influences, namely The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Cure. Neil also reveals his dislike of “Greatest Hits” albums.

Tape Archive #12: Private Interview at Café Q in Gävle, Sweden on 9 February 1992

The below 21 minute recording is one of the more interesting private interviews with Slowdive, conducted about an hour before their gig at the venue. It captures a buoyant, optimistic band full of opinions (and not afraid to share them) coming off the successful release of their first LP. They begin the interview with a […]

Tape Archive #3: Swedish radio interview with Rachel and Neil on 6 October 1991

This is an interview with Rachel and Neil recorded for Swedish radio in October 1991, with bits of songs from their Just for a day LP interspersed between segments. Notably, Neil talks about the effects of slowing down music and “fucking up pop songs”. This interview is historically important because much of what he says here, […]

Tape Archive #1: Private interview with Rachel and Neil on 8 December 1991

This is a private interview with Rachel and Neil recorded before their gig at the Loft, Berlin, on 8 December 1991. They touch on topics including early influences, the current music scene in England and abroad, their songwriting process, and their views on Creation records in 1991. Toward the end you can hear some drumming […]

Holding Our Breath Official Fanzine Part 2: Interview with Rachel Goswell, pages 7-11

This transcript consists of four pages. It is from the first (and only?) issue of the Official Slowdive Fanzine called Holding Our Breath. It was mentioned in the transcript in this post. The interview is titled “Afterwards with Rachel Goswell”, and is credited as “Interview by Virginia and Andy”. — [Start of Page 7] VG* […]