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Live Song Archive #5: “Some Velvet Morning”

It is unfortunate that, as far as I know, there is no live recording of Some Velvet Morning in front of an audience. Whether they ever played it in front of an audience is unknown to me. However, they did play it at least once during their soundchecks in September 1993. The below recording¬†(at The […]

Live Song Archive #4: “Morningrise”

Morningrise is a song Slowdive played live at nearly every gig, so there are roughly 90 extant live versions to compare today. Arguably the best performance¬† of this song was recorded at the Loft, Berlin on 8 December 1991, which you can listen to below. The lone man in the back yelling a feeble “yay!” […]

Live Song Archive #3: “Beach Song”

Beach Song, recorded in February 1990 for Slowdive’s first demo tape, is one of the earliest Slowdive songs. To this day it has only been officially released once, on a 7″ flexi-disc released by Sunday records in 1992. While it was a part of their live shows in 1990, it disappeared from their setlists beginning […]

Live Song Archives #1 and #2 : “Good Day Sunshine” and “In Mind”

Note: This is the first in a series of archives that highlight the best extant recordings and performances of each Slowdive song that was played live. Slowdive performed two tracks from the 5 EP on 10 December 1993 at The Garage in London, and thankfully someone in the audience recorded it. Locust (Mark Van Hoen) […]