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Video Archive #1: Poetic Frenzy

This Poetic Frenzy promo video was made for SBK records in 1991 to promote Slowdive in the USA. It consists of interview segments with Neil, Simon and Nick over a backdrop of two music videos: Shine and Catch the Breeze. (Strangely enough, Shine was never released in the USA by SBK.) Simon’s foretelling of how […]

Slowdive Live in Oslo, 18 October 1993, Official J-Card

Slowdive sold an official live tape on their 1994 tour of America in order to fund said tour. The tape was a recording of their concert on 18 October 1993 at the Sentrum in Olso, Norway. Below you can view the original J-card for the cassette. Thanks to Edoardo for contributing this to the site.

Official Lyric Sheets for the Early EPs and Just For a Day

Below are some official lyric sheets sent out from the band to members of their fan club in 1994 (Note Ian McCutcheon is listed as the drummer on the back page, instead of Simon Scott). They contain the lyrics for the Slowdive EP, Morningrise EP, Holding Our Breath EP, and Just For a Day LP. […]