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Official Slowdive Newsletter #1, page 4, 1994

This is a transcript of page 4 of Slowdive’s newsletter from 1994. This is a continuation of the newsletter transcript in this post. Pages 2 and 3 have lyrics from the album  “Souvlaki” which I won’t bother transcribing here. This page of the newsletter is of particular historical interest because it is the first tracklisting […]

Official (?) Slowdive newsletter from early 1993, handwritten by Rachel Goswell

This is a one page newsletter on slowdive paper (slowdive is written vertically on the side). The handwriting is Rachel Goswell’s (thanks to Christian Savill for this info). The letter is signed by Nick, Neil, Rachel, Christian, and Simon (in that linear order). A scan of the newsletter can be viewed here. I provide a […]

Official Slowdive Newsletter #1, page 1, 1994

This is a transcript of the first page of Slowdive’s official newsletter of 1994, sent out to those on their mailing list. — Introduction “Welcome to our first proper newsletter in nearly a year! I know I’m really slack at this but I’m doing my best honestly. Well this year has been really busy for […]