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Tape Archive #11: Eternal live at Cartoon’s in Reading in 1990

This recording is something special indeed, as it captures the first and only gig played by Christian Savill’s pre-Slowdive band Eternal (described in detail here).  You can also occasionally hear Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell chatting near the cassette recorder in the audience. I still haven’t been able to find anyone who knows the month or day […]

Tape Archive #4: Pumpkin Fairies (Pre-Slowdive band) live (in studio?) in 1988 or early 1989

This is the live recording mentioned on the Pumpkin Fairies page that was included as a ghost track at the end of their 6 song cassette recorded on 2 January 1989. This live track was either recorded earlier at their band practice in 1988, or live in studio on 2 January 1989. I am unaware […]

A Short History of Eternal and the Birth of Monster Movie

On my old and now defunct geocities site I had an “Official” Eternal webpage. Eternal was Christian’s band before he was in Slowdive. I also discussed the birth of Monster Movie, which is in some ways the continuation of Eternal. What follows below is a revised and updated version of the core content of that […]

The Pumpkin Fairies

On an old geocities page I wrote about the Pumpkin Fairies, which is the name of Neil, Rachel, and Nick’s pre-Slowdive band. This has been copy-pasted by various people on various sites. What follows below is an updated version of that write up. — The Pumpkin Fairies recorded and released two demo tapes. One is […]