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Tape Archive #12: Private Interview at Café Q in Gävle, Sweden on 9 February 1992

The below 21 minute recording is one of the more interesting private interviews with Slowdive, conducted about an hour before their gig at the venue. It captures a buoyant, optimistic band full of opinions (and not afraid to share them) coming off the successful release of their first LP. They begin the interview with a [...]

“Facto” Demo Clip

The Pygmalion demos were recorded in March 1994, just before the band’s final, pre-reunion, tour dates in Europe and the USA, which took place in April and May of that year. Twelve of these demos were released on a bonus disc for the 2010 reissue of Pygmalion on Cherry Red Records. Unfortunately the song Facto [...]

“Your Sun” demo clip

Slowdive’s last demos were recorded in late 1994. Many of these songs were slightly altered and re-recorded to become part of the first Mojave 3 album, Ask Me Tomorrow, which was released in 1995. A few of them, however, were discarded. Your Sun is one such song. This song has a similar feel to Like Up [...]

Live Song Archive #5: “Some Velvet Morning”

It is unfortunate that, as far as I know, there is no live recording of Some Velvet Morning in front of an audience. Whether they ever played it in front of an audience is unknown to me. However, they did play it at least once during their soundchecks in September 1993. The below recording (at The [...]

Tape Archive #10: Live at Röhre in Stuttgart on 24 October 1993

The recording below is another superb DAT audience recording from their October 1993 tour, similar to Tape Archives #9 and #2. Once again we find added delay effects on Simon’s drums (as mentioned in Tape Archive #9) on Melon Yellow (beginning at 25:35), making it one of the most compelling live performances of this song. However, [...]

Tape Archive #9: Live at The Loft in Berlin on 22 October 1993

Slowdive’s October 1993 shows, in support of the Cranes, all had the same eight-song setlist that curiously lacked their popular Souvlaki songs Alison and 40 days, as well as any material exclusive to Just For A Day. Interestingly, in some of these shows there were some very cool delay effects added to the drums in [...]

Tape Archive #8: Live at the CSUF Pub in Fullerton, CA on 12 April 1994

1994 saw the departure of Simon Scott and the arrival of Ian McCutcheon on drums. The most apparent difference is that Ian’s drumming was much simpler and slower than Simon’s, and this made many of their previously energetic live songs sound more lethargic in their 1994 shows. Souvlaki Space Station, for example, was not nearly [...]

Tape Archive #7: Live at Cabaret Metro in Chicago on 21 August 1993

Soundboard recordings are ideal for high fidelity captures of live performances, but there is a sterility to them that lacks the human touch of many audience recordings. Some of the most enjoyable live recordings to listen to are not those with the best sound quality but rather the ones that thrust you into the audience [...]