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Video Archive #7: Live at Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands on 21-February-1992

This is one of the nicer Slowdive videos. Rather clear video, with excellent close-ups of all band members, along with very good sound quality. Great performance too. Gotta love Christian chewing gum throughout the whole thing. NOTE: I was unable to upload this to Youtube due to a copyright claim on the background music (the […]

“Cargo” and “Cargo (Vox)” Demos

During the Pygmalion sessions Slowdive recorded two versions of a song called Cargo. One is more ambient and electronic, without any vocals. This was released on the recent reissue of Pygmalion that includes a bonus disc of demos. The other version is more organic, with vocals by Rachel and a simple, clear guitar line over […]

Tape Archive #19: Private interview with Rachel, Nick and Christian on 8 April 1994

This interview was taped at Club Babyhead in Providence, Rhode Island, before Slowdive played their set that night. The interview is approximately 25 minutes long and topics covered include Christian’s pre-Slowdive band Eternal, the suicide of Kurt Cobain (who was found dead earlier that day), their current favourite bands, their songwriting process, tour stories, and […]

Tape Archive #18: Live at Birmingham University on 1 March 1991

This is one of the better sounding audience recordings from Slowdive’s early days, with rich bass and clear vocals. There’s some crowd chatter and a bit of tape hiss in the quiet parts, but it is not too bad (this tape is second generation from the cassette master).

Tape Archive #17: Live at Logo in Hamburg on 21 October 1993

This is another high quality recording from their October 1993 tour. This gig is noteworthy for a wonderful version of Melon Yellow as well as the infamous version of Morningrise introduced as Dolly Rocker by Rachel (as documented earlier here). This is a digital transfer of a DAT clone from the DAT master (@32khz/12-bit).

Tape Archive #16: Live at the Kantine in Köln on 12 October 1993

Archiving Slowdive’s October 1993 tour continues with this excellent recording of their gig in Köln, Germany on the 12th. Another fine performance by the band only slightly marred by some feedback during the first half of Machine Gun and a false start on Souvlaki Space Station. This is a digital transfer of a DAT clone […]

Tape Archive #15: Live at Gino in Stockholm on 17 October 1993

This is another recording from their October 1993 tour supporting Cranes. Unlike the other extant recordings from this tour, the sound quality is not that great. The audience seemed disinterested in the band, which Rachel noticed at the start (and commented on). However, they still put on a great show. This had been a somewhat […]

Tape Archive #14: Interview with Neil on Radio 1 on 3 September 1991

This backstage interview was conducted shortly before Slowdive’s set at the Marquee Club on the same date. Lasting just four minutes, it focuses on Neil’s influences, namely The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Cure. Neil also reveals his dislike of “Greatest Hits” albums.