Demo Info

Slowdive recorded a great deal of material for Souvlaki and Pygmalion, but dozens of songs were never released. A number of unreleased demos have circulated on the internet for over a decade, and are pretty easy to find. In fact, most of the Pygmalion demos have even been officially released. However, there are many other extant demos that have not been circulated outside of a relatively small group of people. I think it would be a true shame if these virtually unknown demos faded into oblivion. Therefore, while I am not able to upload full versions of these songs (for legal and ethical reasons), I am compelled, for the sake of posterity, to upload streaming versions of clips of these songs to this site, each containing approximately 1~2 minutes of the full version. I feel this is a good compromise: it is suitable content for a Slowdive Digital Museum while still enabling Slowdive to release full versions of their own rare material for profit, should they choose to do so (I certainly hope they will, some day!).


My copies of these songs are a second or third generation from the master tape (Master DAT>Cassette>Cassette(>Cassette?)), so the sound quality is generally good (but not great).

Requests for copies

Any requests sent to me asking for copies of these demos will be ignored, unless the request is from a member of Slowdive.

Official release

If you would like full versions of these songs officially released, please contact Slowdive directly.